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Welcome to the “New Perspectives on Faith” web site. Please use the navigation links on this page to learn more about our organization. You are invited to attend an upcoming meeting as we explore the nature of faith in this new millenium.

New Perspectives is a ministry group of the Outreach Commission at College Mennonite Church in Goshen, Indiana.


To foster inter-congregational, inter-denominational, and inter-faith conversations that contribute to new perspectives on faith for a new millennium.

Primary Goal:

To create a forum where serious seekers of truth can meet together to bring contemporary theological scholarship into the public arena, and respectfully discuss differing points of view as we discover truth and enrich the life of each person.


To plan monthly gatherings for all interested persons, inviting guest speakers to start the thinking of those gathered on a selected topic of interest. Discussion and interaction with the speaker is considered a vital part of the evening. The topic will be announced in advance, with optional readings when possible so that the persons are prepared for discussion.

From the Steering Committee

Please read our annual update letter from the New Perspectives on Faith Steering Committee — thank you.